Tuomas Ollikainen / Sculptor

The Cray Twins - The Pier

On March 2016 Swedish record label Fangbomb released the debut album of Glaswegian duo The Cray Twins (Paul Baran & Gordon Kennedy). I took the cover photo for the album with Paul two years earlier while visiting Oban on the west coast of Scotland. I was also invited to contribute to one of the tracks. I play clarinet on first track of the album called Torshavn.

Once in Europa (24 min)

I feel you, I see you standing there, a stranger, an outsider, amidst of our everyday life, not understanding, not finding your place, excluded, alone.

Once in Europa is a sound piece, which was installed at the exhibition Seven Invisible Men. The recordings were made during the first seven days of the year 2016, while travelling from near the border between Switzerland and Italy, all the way up to Finland. The music at the end is a sample from a piece Krom, from the album The Other by Paul Baran.

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